Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

I just returned from a getaway to Santa Theresa, Costa Rica and guys I’m so in love! Santa Teresa is located on the Nicola Peninsula which I marked below…

Screen Shot 2017-06-12 at 2.32.17 PM

Screen Shot 2017-06-12 at 2.32.33 PM copy

As you can see, Santa Teresa is in a pretty difficult place to get to, meaning that most travelers passing through Costa Rica skip going here. Even when I lived in Costa Rica last year I never got to visit this area because you need at least three days- not doable for a quick weekend trip!

Here’s a quick cost breakdown:Β 

Bus from SJ to Jaco: $7

Hostel in Jaco: $22

Dinner in Jaco: $7.49

Boat from Jaco to Montezuma: $40

Shuttle from Montezuma to Santa Teresa: $10

Selina Hostel Santa Teresa (3 nights): $36

ATV Rental 24 hours: $70, split between two people $35

Food: $25

Bus + Ferry from Santa Teresa to SJ: $12

Total: $194.49

We started out in Jaco, the closest beach town to San Jose and therefor a popular destination for both tourists and locals. We spent one night in this hostel, where we booked the $40 boat ride from Jaco to Montezuma for the next morning. Although a bit expensive, this boat ride is the quickest way to get to the peninsula if you’re strapped for time. We went with Zuma Tours which provided us with a smaller boat (6 people including my friend and I) and some super cool guides. We really wanted to do a Tortuga Island excursion with Zuma as well but unfortunately it rained most of the time we were in Santa Teresa 😦

After an hour boat ride, we landed on the shores of Montezuma beach and hopped in a shuttle which took us the 20 minutes from Montezuma to Santa Teresa. We stayed at Selina Santa Teresa which was probably the coolest hostel ever! I mean look at these photos.


Things to do in the Santa Teresa/Montezuma area include renting ATVs and riding to the waterfalls of Montezuma, surfing, beach exploring, and Tortuga Island tours like I said before.

My friend and I rented ATVs but unfortunately got rained out which was no fun lol.


When we weren’t swimming or laying on the beach we were walking around the town which is so cute. Santa Teresa has a ton of small cafes and juice shops so there are plenty of cool places to grab a bite to eat.

On our way back to San Jose we learned there was a much cheaper option than the $40 boat ride back, which was the public bus and ferry to Puntarenas, rather than Jaco. So of course we opted for that option!

It was a long day of traveling back yesterday but the ferry ride was during sunset so we got a fantastic view from out there on the water.


Today I’m having a major catch-up-on-work/laundry day in San Jose, tomorrow is my birthday, and the next day I take the bus north to Tamarindo to start my photography job!

As always, thanks for reading.

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