10 Things: Moyo Edition

  1. I’m in the Moyo Disrtrict of Uganda right now. It’s the most rural place I’ve ever been and it’s truly fascinating.
  2. I sound so spoiled saying this, but I have REALLY been craving some ice cream. This is probably the longest I’ve gone without having any. Because it’s so hot here in Moyo and power can be scarce, it’s too expensive to keep freezers running, meaning ice cream is basically non-existent here. By some miracle of God I found some Cadbury’s chocolate so thankfully I have that to hold me over until I return to civilization!20170509_Olson_Moyo013
  3. The roads here are really rocky and hard to walk on when you’re not paying attention, which I proved when I tripped and twisted my ankle tonight. It’s not super bad and should be fully better within a couple days but I’m just lying in bed tonight trying to rest it.
  4. I photographed a soccer game at the local field a few days ago, but I ended up mostly hanging out with all the village kids. They made up a fun game where they would follow me all around the field and then when I turned around and pointed my camera at them they all ran away screaming. It was so cute! I now have about 20 little Ugandan photography assistants.20170509_Olson_Moyo009
  5. The goats in this town are insane. They wake me up from their screaming in the middle of the night! During the day they just kind of climb on everything and butt heads with each other, and of course scream a little more.
  6. I feel like I’m getting very good at living with very little. The hotel we are staying in has running water (sometimes) but it’s more like a little drizzle. You really learn to appreciate showers and sinks when you never know when the water will go out.
  7. Mangos are $0.13 here. And SO GOOD.
  8. I crossed the Nile River and tried to take a photo of it, but an armed guard told me it wasn’t allowed. Pretty sure you don’t control the Nile dude, but okay.
  9. Compared to Kampala (the capitol city) Moyo is extremely safe. We can walk around the town with our cameras out and we sleep with the door wide open every night.20170509_Olson_Soccer139
  10. There’s bats here. And it’s creepy. That’s all I have to say about that.


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