10 Random Thoughts

I’ve had SO much on my mind lately with the end of the semester finally here and summer plans to get in order.

  1. Only a few more days until I leave for Uganda! Our blog can be found here, so be sure to follow along.
  2. Somebody in Iceland turned my lost passport in to the police so they are sending it to me. How crazy is that! I don’t think I will ever know what happened to it or where it was all this time, but I sure am happy to have my stamps back.
  3. I finished 3/4 of my classes before finals week even began. I have my French final on Wednesday and then I’m done.
  4. Speaking of, I should probably be studying for my French final right now.
  5. This is my last week of nannying my two boys for the year. I’ll nanny them again next year too. The oldest one is going off to middle school in the fall- don’t they grow up fast?!
  6. My friend Taylor is coming to Costa Rica with me for the first two weeks of June. We are going to see Ed Sheehan in concert and then go to Montezuma beach. That’s a part of Costa Rica I never got to see last year so I’m pumped. I also love showing off Costa Rica to people so I can’t wait to show her all my old hangouts in San Jose.
  7. I set a goal for myself this week to see at least 30 countries by the time I’m 30 years old. I’m at 15 now so halfway there! What countries should I add to my list for the next few years?
  8. I’m trying not to waste food + not spend money so I haven’t been to the grocery store in soooo long. Instead I’ve been scrounging up the last bits of food I can find in my fridge. But yesterday I found a half loaf of bread in the freezer, score!
  9. I’ve been getting back into Pinterest lately and I already found a ton of things in Costa Rica I had never heard of before. I can’t wait to explore there this summer.
  10. I got nominated to attend a Global Ambassador workshop in Austin, Texas this summer. I haven’t been officially accepted yet, but if I do I would spend a week in Austin (for free!) and work on building my resume, networking, ect.


Hope you all are having a good first week of May. Good luck with finals to my fellow students!

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