Spring Has Sprung!

Can you blame me for writing a blog post just so I can share these beautiful photos?

At the beginning of spring, these trees on UNL’s campus transform into the most magical things. They are located on the south side of campus right by Kimball Recital Hall and the Sheldon Art Museum. I normally never go to that area of campus, but I was photographing a performance one night at Kimball and happened to be early. I started wandering around and BAM, I found these trees kind of tucked away in a courtyard. I’ll let you scroll through some photos before I keep talking (or I guess writing).


Now that you’re feeling all happy and pink inside I thought I’d take the time to share my plans for this summer! Anyone who knows me knows that I am a planner. The sooner I can make my plans, the better. I started applying to summer internships probably at the beginning of fall semester. I actually like applying to internships and searching around to find the good ones. People always ask me how I find the opportunities that I do (like my internship in Costa Rica last summer), and it’s because I spend so much time searching a multitude of different websites.

Anyways, I interviewed with a ton of different places, from right here in Lincoln, to Alaska, New York, Colorado and even India and The Netherlands. Nothing was pulling through and it was really stressing me out.

I recently got accepted to go to Uganda for the month of May with ten other photojournalism students. Right now we are researching story ideas, and then we will spend three weeks on the ground in Uganda filming our multimedia stories. After Uganda I have a trip to Costa Rica planned with my friend Taylor. We are going down for the Ed Sheeran concert, to visit friends, and just explore a new part of the country (yes, it’s possible to live in a small country like CR for eight months and STILL not have seen everything!).

Since I am going to be in Costa Rica anyways I started looking at other opportunities around there. Finally something pulled through, and I’m so excited to start working as a photographer in Tamarindo come June! Tamarindo is a beach in the northern part of the country, about eight hours away from where I lived last year. It’s the same beach my mom and I went when she visited, so I have been there before but only for a few days. I’ll be working for DreamSea Surf Camp, spending my days on the beach and in the rainforest DreamSea is located in.

This time around will be so much different than when I lived in Costa Rica last year. Different part of the country, different job, different people. It will be interesting to see how my perceptions of Costa Rica change after this summer.

PS if anybody wants to come visit me, please do! DreamSea does glamping (glamour camping) in which you pretty much sleep in fancy teepees in the forest. It’s super cool.

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