Meeting the Cousins in London

Most of you know about my relationship with my dad. For those that haven’t been following along, I met my dad for the first time when I was 18 years old. Two years later I met my step mom and my 14 year old sister, and now another year after that I am back in London to meet my aunts, uncles and cousins. This trip marks the first time I’ve actually stayed at my dads house in London. On previous visits, my sister didn’t know about me yet, forcing me to stay with my grandparents on my dads side. Not that I minded too much though. My last grandparent on my moms side died when I was in fifth grade, so getting to know a whole new set of grandparents was fun. I also met three of my cousins for the first time. At 17, 23 and 25, my cousins are much closer to my age than my sister is. Since being here we’ve gone to the theater, had a Sunday night NFL watch party, and had lunch with all the grandkids at the grandparents house. After meeting the rest of the family, I can finally say that this long road with my dad side is finally over. It’s been an interesting four years with some ups and downs along the way, but I’m so grateful for how my life has turned out so far.

I know that not everyone who goes through something like this has this good of results. I’ve been incredibly lucky that my dad still wants to be in my life and is giving me the chance to know my sister as well.

Yay for family. Yay for London. As always, thanks for reading.

(Sadly I didn’t get any family  photos during the trip. Next time. Instead, enjoy this photo of me at a Chelsea football (soccer) game.)


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