Want to Work Abroad? Check Out These 5 Websites

A lot of people ask me how I found my internship in Costa Rica. Working abroad seems to be completely unattainable to some people, but I promise it’s not!

Global Placement

Pro: This site is based out of The Netherlands, so almost all of the internship postings are located in Europe. They feature both paid and unpaid positions, and most companies provide housing for their interns.

Con: There is no way to upload your resume to the site, and most listings are very vague about how to actually apply. You basically have to rely on a short introductory message about yourself to catch the attention of the company.

Escape the City

Pro: This site has tons of location options, from NYC to Tanzania to Thailand. If you’re looking to go somewhere exotic, this website is for you! I’ve subscribed to their email list to get helpful tips about when something I’m interested in has been posted.

Con: Most of the postings here are volunteer positions or require a long commitment. If you’re looking for a short escape, such as a summer internship, this might not be your site. But if you’re looking to change your life around and do something new, then get on over there!


Pro: It’s super easy to filter your search on here. Want an advertising internship in Sweden that pays at least €200 per month? You got it.

Con: Eurasmus only lists internships in Europe, so if you’re looking for something in Australia, New Zealand, or Asia this isn’t the site for you.


Pro: Most jobs on here last one year. It’s great for someone just graduating college, or transitioning between jobs! You can also upload your resume straight to the site, which  makes applying super easy.

Con: They don’t have new postings very often. I frequently check back, but I think I applied for everything possible within one afternoon.


Pro: I believe this website by far has the most listings. You can upload your resume straight to your profile and easily apply for tons of internships at once. So convenient!

Con: This site is primarily for domestic positions, and you might have to sort through some pretty crappy positions before you find one that fits your needs. But don’t fret. This is where I found my internship in Costa Rica, so I know there are good ones listed on there.

Happy job hunting!


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