48 Hours in Geneva, Switzerland

Switzerland is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe, and Geneva is a quick and easy trip for anyone traveling Europe, as it is extremely central.  My group and I were able to do just a weekend in Geneva. Switzerland is an extremely expensive country, so we basically did all the free stuff we could find. If you’re looking for a fast (and cheap) itinerary, here it is!


Day 1:

Right in the center of the city is gorgeous Lake Geneva. Start your morning with a walk by the water, admiring the architecture, and strolling through the gardens on the western side of the lake.

Local transportation for tourists is free in Geneva, so take advantage! Take a boat taxi from one side of the lake to the other, for a scenic panorama view of the city and the Alps in the background.

Once you get to the East side of the lake, grab a quick bite to eat at a lakeside cafe before renting a paddleboat to explore more of the lake!


Day 2: 

And on day two, we hike! The sprawling Mont Salève is located right outside Geneva and provides perfect views of the city. Accessing the mountain is easy, as there is a bus that goes from the Geneva city center right to the base. You can either hike or take a tram up the mountain, but be careful of the trail signs. We got lost on our hike down and ended up hiking back to France!  Pack a picnic lunch and spend the day snacking between views.

After an active day of hiking, head to the center of the city to the Place du Bourg-de-Four. This historic square has an abundance of typical Swiss restaurants and old architecture. You’ll feel like you’re dining in the 1800s!

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