Nicaragua in Four Days


I recently returned from a quick 4-day weekend in Nicaragua. I would have loved to explore this country longer, but unfortunately work has prevented that. So if you’re like me and can only spare a quick vacation, here is a 4-day itinerary to make the most of your trip.


My trip began with a flight into Managua’s Augusto C. Sandino International Airport (MGA). After meeting up with my friends, we walked a little ways away from the airport to catch a cheaper taxi to the bus station to take us to Grenada. If your following this route, turn to the left after you exit the airport, that way you’re not walking away from the station.



Grenada is a small colonial town filled with small, colorful streets. We stayed one night here at Hostal El Momento, an old victorian house with plenty of hammocks to relax and escape the heat.

Ometepe Island


A couple hours away from Grenada by chicken bus (a local bus, jam packed with people and without air-conditioning) is a town called Rivas where you can get a ferry to Omatepe. After getting off the bus, catch a taxi to take you to the port. When you get out of the taxi and are looking at the water, the desk to buy ferry tickets is on your left.

Omatepe Island is one of my favorite places I’ve been. We stayed two nights at this Airbnb and I must say, I’m so glad we picked Omatepe as our only two-night stay. Seemingly untouched by the outside world, the island, made up of two volcanos, is home to a small local population and their herds of cattle, hogs, dogs, and birds. I suggest renting motor scooters and driving to El Ojo de Agua or one of the local beaches with views of the volcano!

San Juan del Sur


Our last day before busing back to Costa Rica was spent at San Juan del Sur at Hola Ola Hostel. San Juan is a small beach town with a great night life. I booked my second surfing lesson through the hostel and absolutely loved my lesson. It was a great place to end a busy weekend of traveling!

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