A Story of the Time Greek Paparazzi Took My Photo

Not because I’m famous. Not because I’m American. Honestly nothing about me would remotely interest the paparazzi. It was all due to good location and luck.

At the end of my Greece trip two years ago, I had around six hours to wait in the Athens airport. Transportation complications caused me to end up at the airport with plenty of time to spare, so I plopped down on the first couch I saw and started reading my book.

About 20 minutes later, two photographers started taking photos of me. Then two more showed up. I was just a quiet girl trying to pass the time, what was so interesting about that?

The commotion around me grew and grew until I finally turned around to see a middle aged man filling out some paperwork and talking to what looked like advisors.

Then the group came. Twenty or so very good looking men decked out in blue and white, Greece’s colors. After a lot of asking around I figured out that it was the Greek soccer team heading to Brazil to compete in the FIFA World Cup, and the man who happened to be standing behind me was the coach!

I’m not even a big sports fan, but I still consider that my moment of fame. Just a quiet girl who happened to sit on a couch that happened to be in front of the door that the soccer team walked through.

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