5 Things I Learned Upon Moving to Costa Rica

As some of you know I recently moved to Costa Rica for an eight-month internship. It was extremely last minute, giving me practically no time to learn about the country or culture I’d be living in. I quickly learned practical things though, that will com in handy throughout my time here.

1. They don’t have addresses: Yep, that’s right. They talk about locations in relation to other places. For instance the “address” of my camp is something like “200 meters south of Restaurante Pizote.”

2. It gets cold: Not the kind of cold where you think you nose might actually fall off, but it’s not always hot and sunny just because were close to the equator. Luckily I brought a few sweatshirts to hold me over, but a warm-clothes shopping trip is definitely in my near future.

3. Everybody knows how to dance: After having my first Costa Rican bar/club experience, I realized just how  un-experienced I am in the world of dance. People here learn to dance almost as soon as they can walk. They know styles that I’ve never even heard of before, and they have the endurance to dance for hours without stopping!

4. It’s a very Catholic country: Statues of Jesus and Mary are everywhere. Even the local water plant proudly displays religious statues next to the purifiers.

5. You’ll be forced to become a morning person: The sun rises around 5:45 a.m. year round, and thanks to the skylight and window in my room, that results in me waking up only shortly after sunrise. I quickly learned to accommodate by going to bed earlier and getting more done in the morning (aren’t I such a good college student?).

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