City Guide: Pisa

Pisa is a small Italian town close to the western coast of Italy. You might know it as the home of the Leaning Tower of Pisa. I happened to fly in and out of Pisa during a trip to Florence and actually enjoyed the city a lot. Here’s my guide for this one-attraction town.

What to see/do:

Leaning Tower of Pisa: Everybody knows that picture. You know, the one where you pretend to hold up a tower thats falling over? Thats the most visited square in Pisa and is the main reason tourists visit the town. After taking your picture, take a look in the free cathedral right next to it before staking out a spot on the green space with some wine and some leisure time to watch other people attempt to take their classic Pisa picture. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.

Explore Aimlessly: Pisa’s a small town without a whole lot to do, but your in ITALY so even wandering the streets can be a tourist activity. All the streets in town are narrow and curvy so its easy to get lost. However, your in a small town with a river running through it to use as your reference point, so really how lost can you get?

What to eat:

The best chickpea sandwich there ever was
The best chickpea sandwich there ever was

Chickpea sandwich: all I can say about this strange sandwich is YUM and YOU HAVE TO GET ONE. We got them from a restaurant called Pizzeria il Montino. You can also get the chickpea patty in pizza form, called Cecina. Please, if you do anything in Pisa, try the chickpea!!

Where to stay: 

I couch surfed with this guy. He was super nice, gave us great food recommendations, showed us around the town himself before he had to go to class, and even took us out with his friends that night.

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